The sport of running has the ability to make our life better.  Individuals have power and the potential to amaze themselves.  It is my passion to help people to use their running to reach goals and do things they didn’t think were possible.

Hello, I’m Tony!

I have been coaching runners since 2009 and have had great success with groups and individuals as they’ve reached many personal running goals such as first time half and full marathoners, Boston Marathon qualifiers and countless PRs.  I hold coaching certifications from USATF, RRCA and the Lydiard Foundation.  It is my passion to help runners become the best runners they can be.

“A resource you can trust to help you achieve your goals.”

Joyce H.

Tony’s passion for running is authentic.  He helped me reach my competitive goals, but more importantly, he helped me re-discover the simple joy of running.  Tony is a great mentor.

Brian H.

Coaching Philosophy

I believe that a Lydiard based training system is the best way for any distance runner to reach their full potential.  The main thing we, meaning myself and the athlete, want to do is to build and develop a runner’s aerobic base.  This is the foundation for the entire development to occur.  In addition to a focus on aerobic development, I also stress a “feeling based” training philosophy, meaning I teach the runner to accurately read their body’s signals during a run and during training.  Throughout the training we are constantly responding to the stress induced and regulating our plans as needed.  This accentuates the customization approach by being flexible in our training plans so that the athlete can respond and adapt properly to each stimulus.  The training plans practice what is called “sequential development”, commonly known as phases.  We focus on one particular phase at a time so that we can practice and improve each skill set throughout the training process.  This allows us to reach our peak on race day, the ultimate goal.

Let’s get in touch! You can reach me at: tonystensland@gmail.com

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